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Become a Maraya Partner

Partnering with Maraya offers a unique opportunity to align your brand with a premier cultural landmark in Saudi Arabia. Maraya, known for its stunning mirrored concert hall and event spaces set amidst the historical and natural beauty of AlUla, holds a special place in the Saudi consciousness as a symbol of heritage, innovation, and luxury.

As a sponsor, your brand will benefit from exposure to a discerning audience of high-profile attendees and high-net-worth individuals who frequent our world-class events, concerts, and cultural gatherings. This partnership will enhance your brand’s visibility and prestige, aligning it with the values of cultural appreciation, exclusivity, and cutting-edge artistry.

Thougts about maraya sponsorship strategy

By associating with Maraya, your brand will not only gain access to an elite market but also contribute to the promotion and preservation of cultural heritage, reinforcing your commitment to corporate social responsibility and community engagement.

Our team has crafted tiers and packages that vary depending on the nuances of your organization.

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