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This is Maraya

Located in the heart of the unparalleled Ashar Valley, AlUla, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

‘Maraya’, or mirror in Arabic, is a purpose-built event venue in AlUla, Saudi Arabia. A gem of Saudi’s new north-west, Maraya is a cornerstone of Saudi’s ambitious development plans and now represents a world-class event venue.

Covered entirely in mirrors the building is a stunning visual, reflecting the impressive natural landscape of AlUla – seemingly built with sand and stars, there are few comparisons globally that can match up to the awe-inspiring first impressions of Maraya. Beyond first glances, Maraya is a modern wonder in a place
of ancient wonders. AlUla itself is home to many thousands of years of history - a crossroads of civilizations since 6 BCE. In a place driving change and vision, there is nowhere more fitting to bring your event and add to the incredible history of one of Saudi Arabia’s most precious places.

Maraya offers a selection of inspiring purpose built event spaces, including spacious rooms and grand foyers. Perfect for conferences & celebrations. Two commercial grade kitchens provide world Class Food and Beverage service, capable of anything from lavish gala dinners to coffee breaks.

Proudly managed by Live Nation

Our mission is to be the best concert venue in Saudi Arabia on and off the stage making our staff, city and community proud.

Empowering Extraordinary Experiences, Maraya takes center stage as Saudi Arabia's premier concert venue, cultivating pride in our colleagues, city, and community through exceptional performances, events and moments both on and off the stage.

Live Nation takes the helm in managing Maraya, in AlUla Saudi Arabia. A visionary venue designed to redefine the concert experience in Saudi Arabia, the Middle East and beyond. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, Live Nation brings its global expertise and industry-leading practices to Maraya, ensuring unparalleled events and unforgettable performances.
As the world's leading live entertainment company, Live Nation elevates Maraya's status as a cultural landmark, curating a diverse lineup of international and local artists that transcend genres and captivate audiences. From legendary musicians to emerging talents, Maraya becomes the epicenter of music, celebrating the power of live performances and connecting people through shared moments.
With a meticulous focus on delivering exceptional guest experiences, Live Nation Middle East curates every aspect of Maraya's offerings. From state-of-the-art production and immersive audiovisual technologies to unparalleled hospitality services, every detail is carefully orchestrated to create a seamless and immersive journey for concertgoers. Maraya becomes a sanctuary for music enthusiasts, a place where event dreams come to life, and the magic of live performances unfolds.
With Live Nation at the helm, Maraya stands as a symbol of artistic innovation and a beacon of entertainment excellence. Together, they redefine the boundaries of live entertainment, transforming Maraya into an unparalleled destination where unforgettable memories are made.
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